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  • Globalist Alliance: Business Lobby, GOP Unite to Strip Trump of Tariff Powers “An alliance between globalist donors and pundits, the big business lobby, and a handful of Republican lawmakers are uniting to attempt to strip President Donald Trump of his powers […]

  • Your YouTube content will have to pass Wipro muster

    Wipro will now have censorship control of YouTube content. Foreign powers now control free speech at US companies. Your YouTube content will have to pass Wipro muster. Do we really […]

  • Joe Guzzardi: Actions by Trump Administration on H-1B at Odds with State of Union Address “In his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump said some of the right things about what he hopes to accomplish to create a more effective immigration system. […]

  • Kamala Harris Supports ‘Some Type of’ Slavery Reparations

    This Indian Mafia plant is here to shake down the US, just like the India Incs are. Well in that case American tech workers demand reparations for $10 trillion in […]

  • Democrats Seeking End to Immigration Enforcement

  • Billionaire Kochs Back GOP/Dem Plan to Outsource Middle Class American Jobs “The pro-mass immigration Koch brothers’ network of billionaire, donor class organizations is backing a Republican-Democrat coalition that would allow for the swift outsourcing of middle-class American jobs to mostly […]

  • Why aren’t you enforcing Title 8, Mr. Trump?

    Surprise! Almost all foreign workers are illegal – even ones here on work or students visas – if their entry to work here harms an American worker. So much for […]

  • True Reform to Stop Cheap, Foreign Labor Dumping is Needed Now

    Outstanding article from US Techworkers “Certainly the idea of foreign labor dumping should not be a “foreign” concept to the President, since he’s addressed foreign steel and aluminum dumping. However, […]

  • Stop exploitation of foreign postdocs in the United States

    Cheap PhDs are what US business wants. And importing captive, desperate 3rd worlders on student visas is how it gets it. A survey reveals some lab heads are using […]

  • Do we really need so many foreign tech workers?

    Of course not, but lazy 3rd world countries sure need our jobs. And US companies and the Chamber of Commerce sure demand cheap labor. “Americans don’t usually think of […]