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  • E-Communist decries the fall of globalization

    The grand wealth redistribution experiment has failed. We were already well on the path to a 1930s-style depression long before Trump took office. Every govt and econ in the world […]

  • AOC channels communist wage-leveler Alan Greenspan

    These crazy commies just don’t quit. Just when we get free of the disaster communust Clinton globalization sellouts caused, the communist forces pack our congress with insane producer-punishing crazed communist […]

  • Trump caves on shutdown to “take care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt”

    But American tech workers who put him in office to end the H-1B invasion program corruption get told that H-1Bs will get a path to citizenship and 600,000 greencards while […]

  • Wells Fargo shifts many jobs overseas following layoffs We can assure you it is a lot more than “hundreds” of jobs. “Wells Fargo has laid off hundreds of U.S. employees during the past year as it pushed […]

  • More Wells Fargo screwups by Early Warning

    Indian Mafia-ruled Wells Fargo which outsourced to India Inc years ago has had another major screwup which Early Warning has a page about. Depite the India-Inc caused 2008 collapse and […]

  • Derex “Derex is a Global IT services company serving customers to strengthen, transformation and simplify business in 5 cities including USA, Canada and India. Serve customers by leveraging our broad […]

  • Infosys’ Verizon contract nearly $1 bil

    As the Indian Mafia continues to tear through US companies, stealing jobs, moving them offshore and transferring our corporate power to our enemies, American workers continue to feel the brunt. […]

  • Indian IT expands market share in banking

    As if causing the 2008 financial meltdown wasn’t bad enough, the India Inc Mafia is now set to expand into US banking even further, cementing its control on that sector. […]

  • Foreign powers now manipulate our congress

    Forget foreign lobbying. Now they’re getting elected to our congress and introducing bills such as H.R. 6794: Immigration Innovation Act of 2018 which would both remove the “green card backlog”, […]

  • So that’s where all our $ is going…

    With billions in dollar remittances flying out of the US via India Inc remittances and siphoning, India is building world class luxury condos in India. All we get is broken […]