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  • Hidden Costs of Offshore Outsourcing

    “Moving IT work overseas can be a much more expensive proposition than you may think” The current stampede toward offshore outsourcing should come as no surprise. For months now, the […]

  • 8 Reasons Why Outsourcing to India Could Hurt Your Business

    Failure, failure, and more failure for starters….. “However, a confluence of adverse conditions, from rising prices to failing infrastructure to employee turnover, have caused some IT decision makers to […]

  • Search the Trade Adjustment Assistance Database

    Trade Adjustment Assistance Database is a federal DB which shows Trade Adjustment Assistance filings – filings made as a result of jobs or industries being shipped offshore. Trade Adjustment Assistance […]

  • No lack of skilled American tech workers

    Never was. In fact, there is a surplus of skilled workers in America. “Shortage shouting” comes from the US business lobby, Chamber of Commerce, cheap labor bankers like Alan Greenspan, […]

  • US Tech Workers + CT Tech Worker Coalition Hold Green Card Giveaway Protest in DC

    Kevin Lynn of the excellent US Tech Workers website and CT Tech Worker Coalition held a big rally in DC today to protest the illegal unreigstered foreign agent Republican Hindu […]

  • Dearth of jobs

    Perceived anti-China bias and dearth of jobs have Chinese science students in US mulling their options Dearth of jobs? We thought China and India were going to be super-productive spectacular […]

  • Trump’s war on immigration is sacrificing his best weapon against China

    We need to do what Japan does – limit all foreign use or control of PR and media to max 5%. Foreign countries pump the PR lies into US media […]

  • Crazed lib school official wants the looting of America to continue “The recent kerfuffle involving Chinese graduate students speaking in their native language during a break at Duke University underscores our growing hostility toward internationals. The head of a master’s […]

  • Real Estate Is The New Gateway To The Ivy League For International Parents

    They will use any scam to get in. Maybe fewer Chinese students are applying because most of them are Chinese industrial spies. FBI Arrests 2nd Chinese National For Stealing […]

  • Arun Jaitley raises H-1B issue with US officials

    Just whose gov’t is this? H=1Bs are supposed to be for US company use, not India’s personal private immigration program for them to control. “Finance Minister has raised the […]