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  • David Rowland named interim chief as Accenture CEO steps down

    Visa fraudsters Accenture gets a new boss.

  • Infosys looking for a new sunrise in the land of the rising sun Japanese workers are about to have their jobs robbed. “With joint venture partners like Panasonic, Hitachi and Pasona, Infosys is looking to expand its footprint on Japan and make […]

  • Karl Marx Opposed Mass Immigration

    “Today, the American left is openly in support of unchecked immigration, even though the surge of immigration over the past half century has been a prime factor contributing to the […]

  • More shortage shouting from India Inc. looters

    For 20 years the India Inc. mafia has been shouting about a lack of US workers, even though tens of millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed. The country which […]

  • Foreign worker sues US gov’t, tells it whom it must let in.

    Globalist outfit McKinsey & Co. CEO’ed by a globalist banker is suing the US gov’t for a foreign worker. “The Department of Homeland Security is unlawfully dragging its feet […]

  • H-1B holders ‘frequently’ placed in poor working conditions

    H-1B workers are “frequently” placed in poor working conditions and “vulnerable to abuse”, a US think-tank claimed Thursday, seeking reforms such as substantial increase in wages.

  • Bad outsourcing decisions cause 63% of data breaches Not surprising given that most of the outsourcing goes to the criminal nation of India. Bad outsourcing decisions nearly two-thirds of data breaches investigated by security firm Trustwave in […]

  • Wipro employee commits $4 Million fraud IT major Wipro has tightened internal control in the finance division after it was noticed that one of its employees embezzled crores of rupees in the last three years. […]

  • Massive Data Breaches and Cyber Threats in India