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  • In conversation with Indians of H4 visa community in US

    Anxiety? What do these people think they have been doing to millions of American tech workers for over 20 years? You reap what you sow, India. Funny how they’re 100% […]

  • Joe Guzzardi: More Immigration Is Incompatible with Layoffs, Automation “Conspicuously missing from EPI’s proposed wage inequality remedies is the most obvious: slow immigration that annually adds to the labor market about 1 million new, work-authorized lawful permanent residents, […]

  • Companies Sweetening H-1B Deals by Offering Green Cards: Study

    Envoy Global, a company focused on helping companies sponsor and manage work visas globally, recently published a study showing 66 percent of queried employers say they offer green cards to […]

  • Trump orders alien biometric IDs, dump 466,000 Obama green cards – American Thinker

    This is huge. No more fake US work visas for India Incs. 466,00 tech jobs were just recovered from Obama’s H-1B executive order. By Chriss Street “President Trump ordered […]

  • DOL Issues Guidance on H-1B LCA Electronic Posting The Immigration and Nationality Act and H-1B regulations require employers to notify their U.S. employees of their intent to hire H-1B nonimmigrant workers in connection with filing an H-1B […]

  • Reshoring continues to benefit US firms

    More proof that offshoring to the Indian Mafia is the kiss of death. “Naples, Fla. — Reshoring has brought some manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., thanks to changes […]

  • Trump has no intention of doing anything major on immigration – Ann Coulter Opinion: March 18, 2019 at 12:00a.m. Tweet By Ann Coulter Andrews McMeel Syndication It is now clear that President Donald Trump isn’t waiting for a better moment. This was […]

  • Will Xerox be HCL’s next victim?

    Most Americans know by now that Xerox was taken over by the Indian Mafia long ago. But will it be destroyed by failure shop HCL? HCL just signed a new […]

  • Fugitive Businessman Nirav Modi Arrested In London

  • What rising H-1B visa rejection means for Indian IT companies

    It means the jig is up and parasite India will have to find a new cookie jar to stick its hand into.