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  • India Incs. caused the 2008 Wall St. collapse

    After they caused the 2002 Silicon Valley collapse by destroying companies such as Sun Microsystems, PeopleSoft, and others, India Inc “global staffing agencies” fled to Wall St in 2003 to […]

  • Kevin Lynn Interviewed on Why Doctors in the U.S. Don’t Have Jobs in The Middle of A Shortage

    “Diversity is fine until it starts to work against you”. An excellent interview by Kevin Lynn from Doctors Without Jobs. Foreign workers are now starting to push doctors + med […]

  • Outsourced UCSF workers sue state regents

    UCSF comitted criminal visa fraud. The real question here is: why didn’t the US gov’t come down on UCSF for visa fraud because that is what occured at UCSF. H-1B […]

  • Buy American and Hire American Listening Session

  • Feds say Cary man processed hundreds of fraudulent H-1B applications

    In creating “hundreds” of fraudulent H-1B applications, a Cary man earned “at least $26.2 million in ill-gotten gross proceeds.” The defendant, Sairam Yeruva of Cary NC., faces a maximum […]

  • US Techworkers – Manufacturing Constituents: The Push to End Country Caps

    Very important. Must watch to see how Indians on H1-B / H4 visas are conducting fraud to persuade politicians to pass radical change to US immigration system to favor only […]

  • Indian President of E-Commerce Company Pleads Guilty To Price Fixing According to the felony charges filed on Nov. 1, 2018, and the plea agreement filed today in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Texas in Houston, […]

  • India’s once booming technology industry is falling behind

    Of course it is. That’s because it never was a “technology industry” to start with – it was only ever a looting fraud business parasiting off US tech companies built […]

  • Arrest Ravi Kumar of InfoSys for visa fraud, Mr. Trump

    InfoSys and this guy Ravi Kumar are really dangerous. InfoSys will continue to rob jobs and illegally displace Americans in the US workforce. All of this is completely illegal under […]

  • Google cloud goes full Deloitte

    Didn’t take long for Google cloud to go full Delloitte outsourcing as soon as Indian cloud head took over @ Google Deloitte and Google Cloud Announce Plans to Collaborate on […]