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  • Sky is falling: US Talent Shortage Hits a Record High, With 69% Employers Struggling to Find Workers

    Nearshore Americas pumps the lies again. All of these looters who lust after US jobs know it is illegal to import workers on H-1B unless there is an actual shortage. […]

  • Adobe ruined by Indian Mafia

    People are really pissed about Adobe software – once the absolute best software in the world, now unreliable crap that never works right. And bloated. Of course, Adobe was built […]

  • Adobe After Effects Keeps Crashing

    Once upon a time, Adobe was the world’s king in reliable media software. Ever since the Indian Mafia took Adobe over, their software is unusable crap.

  • RIP Gary Starkweather, whose laser printer made Xerox billions

    Not invented in India. In fact, it was Adobe’s creation of PostScript, and Apple’s first commercialization of the laser printer which built Apple and invented desktop publishing. Next to zero […]

  • Indian Mafia invades SoftBank

    Is SoftBank suicidal? After a string of massive billion-$ fails, one would think Masayoshi Son would learn, but apparently not. Anyone want to bet he will be kicked out of […]

  • Trump, Rubio hit Disney over H-1B

    “If it’s abused the way Disney did. Understand that program – it is illegal now to replace American workers under that program”. As Rubio correctly stated, all use of H-1B […]

  • Deloitte + Adobe Team to Offer Lift Acceleration

    Adobe, which was created by American workers and stolen by India is teaming up with the notorious Deloitte, no doubt to outsource more work to cheap labor. Deloitte Digital […]

  • More stupid crappy UI graphics from Adobe

    Seriously Adobe, what the hell is this crap? Looks like a 5-year old made it. Is this supposed to be cool, or trendy, or funny? It’s not. It’s laughable garbage. […]

  • What has happened to Adobe?

    The following error is what happens if you sign up for Creative Cloud, pay your hard-earned money, and then try to do something as simple as install the CC apps […]

  • If Indians are so smart why is there no Apple, Google, Adobe of India? || Kumar Exclusive

    Kumar Exclusive asks the central question as to why USA lets in millions of allegedly skilled workers from India who, to date have not produced even 1 Apple, Google, or […]