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  • Amazon Thanks GOP/Dems for Passing Green Card Giveaway for Big Tech – Breitbart

  • Amazon’s Union-Busting Training Video

    Big Tech is terrified of US workers organizing.

  • Indian-American activist jumps on stage, slams Amazon CEO

    Jealous much?

  • U.S. commerce secretary Ross to raise India’s e-commerce rules in talks

    India sure isn’t into “free trade” and “open borders”. India is massively protectionist + can’t compete with US companies such as Amazon. So they banned them. Meanwhile the Indian Mafia […]

  • Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

  • Oracle is dying – the latest victim of India Inc.

    90% Indian occupied Oracle is dying. Amazon Web Services is eating Oracle’s lunch. Oracle filled up with so many Indians in the 1990’s that the US DOL + DHS have […]

  • All books on Amazon about “industrial espionage”

    American workers would do well to read all of these books about how foreign governments and foreign industrial spies loot our industries.

  • Former Pepsi CEO joins Amazon board

    Bezos probably doesn’t know it yet, but India Inc wants control of Amazon, just as it wants control of Apple and has already taken control of Google, Adobe, and many […]

  • Tech Elites, Donor Class Unite with GOP/Dems to Outsource White-Collar American Jobs: Breitbart “Silicon Valley’s business elites and donor-class billionaires are uniting with elected Republicans and Democrats to ensure that white-collar, middle-class American jobs are swiftly outsourced to mostly Indian and Chinese […]

  • India restricts Amazon

    Who’s protectionist now India? Free movement of goods and people right India? Right Tom Friedman? Hey Tom, where is your book on how protectionist India is? I don’t see it […]