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  • Google’s fake Android diversity vid

    You know full well Android dev shops and Google don’t have this kind of demographic. They are 90% young Indians in violation of US laws. Google and its Modi agent […]

  • As Android-iOS dominate world, Indian start-ups working to end the duopoly

    Ain’t gonna happen, looters. No Indian or Indian company has ever been proven capable of creating new mainstream OS or platform. Keep dreaming. It simply isn’t going to happen.

  • Aside: Why Android Tablets Failed

    Because most of them are too slow. And iPads are way better for just a little more $.

  • Aside: Google will require all devices to run Android 10 after Jan 31

  • Lawsuit: Google Android Creator Andy Rubin Accused of Running ‘Sex Ring’ – Breitbart The creator of Google’s Android mobile operating system, Andy Rubin, who was a high-level executive at the Silicon Valley giant before his 2014 departure, has been accused of running […]

  • A Huawei-made operating system: How feasible is it?

    “Experts say Chinese maker’s Android alternative would likely face frosty reception overseas”. … No one in the west is going to want that spyware crap on their phones. If […]

  • India investigates Google for suspected Android abuse

    Well since they put one of their agents in as Google CEO, why not just investigate him? Hmm, Modi? Why not? You caused it.