Tag: Asia’s cheating problem

  • Trump wants new immigrants to be patriotic. What that means in new America – Sujeet Rajan

    Takeover immigrants + never-leaving temporary guest workers really don’t care what Trump wants. They are here to takeover and rob us, and they will just wait Trump out. They are […]

  • Is cheating really rampant in Techno India University, Kolkata? “yes, you can easily cheat in our university. Our academic coordinator prof ishan ghosh orders all the invigilators to allow cheating and also want to help the student goons […]

  • Why Cheat India (2019)

    Because they can’t do anything else, that’s why… “The movie focuses on existing malpractices in country’s education system, the whole concept of buying your way through education, jobs and […]

  • India’s ‘cheating mafia’ gets to work as school exam season hits A few minutes into the final year maths exam at his Delhi high school, Raghav asked to use the bathroom. Inside, he texted pictures of the test paper he […]

  • What do you do with millions of extra graduates?

    Funny, restrict the Asian geniuses’ work visas and all of a sudden they have an “unemployment” problem. When parasites get cut off from their host they usually starve to death. […]

  • Trump increases H-1B visas

    In his dog and pony show, Trump increases H-1B visas, rather than restricting them as promised in 2016. A complete sellout of US tech workers. “WASHINGTON—The Trump administration unveiled […]