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  • CBS: ‘How H-1B visas have been abused since the beginning’

    CBS is totally woke to the H-1B fraud racket and has actually been exposing it on national TV for a few years now. Even normally left-leaning Lesley Stahl is woke. […]

  • In Hong Kong, they don’t mess around…

    Imagine if Americans rioted over the mass criminal cheap labor H-1B abuse going on all over the US, like Hong Kong’s residents do when they see the noose tightening around […]

  • CBS News blows the lid off Infosys H-1B visa fraud

    This is the first of its kind MSM exposé which proves India Inc staffing companies are using visa fraud to fly unqualified fake technical workers into the US to loot […]

  • H1-B Visa Fraud Infosys Moves to Hartford, Connecticut

    Even MSM is now picking up on the mega H-1B visa fraud being conducted by human trafficker InfoSys. These corrupt India Inc “global staffing agencies” need to be shut down […]

  • Foreign propaganda everywhere

    One has to love these unrelenting hit pieces on American workers, the best and most productive workers in the world by a mile. So let’s get truth. In sheer GDP […]

  • 1995 CBS 48 HOURS: Slamming the Door, Denying the Dream

    Even Bill Clinton’s labor secretary Robert Reich admitted in 1995 that if the cheap labor pipeline was cut off, “there would be howls in Washington”. The cheap labor lobby owns […]

  • Donate to Jay Palmer

    Please donate to Jay Palmer – who exposed the Indian Mafia on 60 minutes + CBS and then came down with cancer, mysteriously. He needs help + cannot pay his […]

  • CBS Poll: 72 Percent of SOTU Viewers Approve of Trump’s Immigration Stance

    Anyone with a brain would. Most Americans know and understand we’re being robbed by invaders.