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  • Visa fraud: Indian citizens recruited for feds’ fake school

    Yep. That’s right. Don’t play all innocent with us. We all know your invasion + takeover strategies. Fake degrees. Fake work visas. Conspiracy. Fraud. Takeover. The Feds’ sting was brilliant […]

  • Virginia Regulators Move to Shut Down University

    They will get in any way they can… “The audit by Virginia state regulators found that “the single most important factor contributing to the substandard quality of online education […]


    We are not importing the best + the brightest. We are importing millions of criminal grifters from Asia who are using our visa systems to loot our economy. From an […]

  • Tri-Valley University’s ‘elaborate fraud scheme’

    H-1bs are non-immigrants, not immigrants. That didn’t stop the dumb Indian Mafia from trying to set up fake degree mills so faking frauds from the criminal nation of India could […]

  • Silicon Valley University: The rise and fall of a Bay Area dream

    2 crazed Bay Area libs try to cover for Silicon Valley Univeristy’s criminal activities. “What they really want is to work in Silicon Valley”. Yeah no kidding – since they […]

  • US fake university: India anger after students arrested

    Thanks to Kevin Lynn over at the excellent US Tech Workers for alerting us to this story. Criminal looters from India sure do get upset when you catch them in […]

  • ’University of Manavallu’: In Silicon Valley, a dodgy Chinese-Telugu alliance

    The faking fraud Indian Mafia rolls on…… “Many Indian students are flocking to such dodgy educational  .. But nothing prepares you for Silicon Valley University (SVU) ..

  • Suspect California University Shut Down “A California institution that a U.S. senator recently characterized as a suspected “visa mill” has shut down after state authorities revoked its certificate to operate. A notice on Silicon […]

  • Fake Silicon Valley visa mills are looting US companies

    One has to marvel at the nerve of industrial spies from mainland Asia here to loot us. Founder of Silicon Valley visa-mill university arrested “The head of an unaccredited online […]

  • Trump’s U-Turn on Replacing Americans with Foreign Workers

    Sold out. Again. By John Miano on February 1, 2019 “During the 2016 campaign, President Trump promised to end the practice of replacing Americans with cheap foreign workers on […]