• Arrest Rashid Premji Now

    The next time unregistered foreign agent Rashid Premji sets foot in America, he should be arrested. He’s an unregistered foreign agent of India and that’a a violation of FARA laws. […]

  • Y2K visa overstayers hold rally to support merit-based immigration

    From 2018. Boo hoo hoo. H-1B is NOT an immigration visa. It is a temporary non-immigrant visa. How long is temporary? Non-immigrants have no say in US politics. India thinks […]

  • Hiral Tipirneni – Unregistered Foreign Agent

    Another one goes unprosecuted. US FARA laws are being completely ignored. Foreign agents operate unregistered by law in our country with impunity. Hiral Tipirneni

  • FARA Enforcement

    Does the US gov’t even know this law exists? Most members of India Incs are Unregistered Foreign Agents. DHS where are you? Why are the American people paying you?

  • TiECon 2015: The Future of Technology – Vivek Wadhwa

    Fraudhwa always talks a mile-a-minute like a used car salesman you’d rather avoid but he loves to give vague speeches on tech. Too bad all that “computing power in your […]

  • Is Vivek Wadhwa an unregistered foreign agent like Manafort?

    Twice-failed-sued-tech-CEO-fake-phone-survey “study” India Inc conman Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa keeps telling us how India is going to eclipse Silicon Valley. Wow, how’s that for racist and bigotted? Problem is he’s been […]

  • Foreign Agents Registration Act

    For once I have to agree with Washington Post. This is an incredibly great video on the Foreign Agents Registration Act. In particular, FARA requires any foreign entity of any […]