Tag: Foreign Agents Registration Act

  • 4 Promising Indian American Girls are Selected as WLP Scholars for Internship in US Congress Offices

    The slient dangerous foreign takeover of America continues with 4 more Indian Mafia agents infiltrating our congress. This kind of thing should be banned, since there is nothing from stopping […]

  • Open letter from a reader to Senator Chuck Grassley

    Indeed Americans are waking up to illegal unregistered foreign lobbying by Indian groups trying to take over the US such as Republican Hindu Coalition, NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, and Immigration Voice. Why […]

  • Grassley introduces bipartisan legislation amending FARA

    We need to end all foriegn lobbying now, including NASSCOM, USIN-PAC,, Immigration Voice, and others.

  • The Foreign Connection

    We need to outlaw all foreign lobbying now. Especially from India Incs, the Indian Gov’t, Sanjay Puri, USIN-PAC, and Immigration Voice, and NASSCOM. “Foreigners are barred from directly giving […]

  • Fear Of Foreign Interference In US Elections Dates From Nation’s Founding

    The founders could not have imagined the degree to which the Indian Mafia in the form of NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, Modi agents Sanjay Puri + Shalabh Kumar, and Immigration Voice […]

  • Desi Immigration News at it again

    Racist foaming-at-the-mouth Desi Immigration News is at it again. The illogic + racism this account spews on Twitter daily is astonishing. ‘Desi Immigration News’ itself is a racist term. The […]

  • Kevin Lynn of interviews Adele Smith on her new website

    Kevin Lynn of US Techworkers interviews Adele Smith on her new website HR.1044 (H.R.1044 – “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019”) which is being backed by India Incs, […]

  • Kushner skirts GOP senators’ key questions on his immigration plan

    Of course he did. Like most unregistered foreign agents, he’s working for open borders globalists. “President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, faced pointed questions about his plan to overhaul the […]

  • Former Hillary + Sanders campaign aide Kunoor Ojha joins Warren campaign

    More Indian Mafia illegal unregistered foreign agents manipulating US politics. Warren is most likely taking cash from India Incs + NASSCOM, just like the Clintons did.

  • Asian foreign workers cause data breaches

    There was a time in America where data breaches at companies were unheard of. Until the US began importing foreign industrial spies on the H-1B industrial spy program into US […]