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  • Donate now to Virgil Bierschwale for US Senate

    Virgil Bierschwale is running for Senate in TX in 2020 on the platform of jobs, jobs, jobs, and ending free trade agreements that ship good middle class US jobs offshore. […]

  • Trump ends GSP trade agreement from 1976

    Finally some of the looting free trade agreements are being cancelled. Only took 40 years. “Trump’s surprising move today, on Monday, to end the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) trade […]

  • Global ecommerce talks strike at roots of WTO, says India

    The headline should have been “No free trade in India”. India snubs e-commerce talks at WTO – saying it needs to wait to develop “its own policy”. In other words, […]

  • Help support Virgil Bierschwale has done some great work using government data to show all the companies that have transferred work outside the US. Please help him continue this valuable work. […]

  • Search the Trade Adjustment Assistance Database

    Trade Adjustment Assistance Database is a federal DB which shows Trade Adjustment Assistance filings – filings made as a result of jobs or industries being shipped offshore. Trade Adjustment Assistance […]

  • 1975 to 1980 offshoring of jobs

    Thanks to Virgil Bierschwale of Keep America At Work for this excellent video and DB.