• Top Universities Ally with Investors to Harm American Graduates – Breitbart

    Wage-fixing is a federal crime. “The presidents of more than 400 state and private universities have formed a quiet partnership with a top-level group of wealthy investors to help […]

  • Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Wants Illegals to Fill American Jobs, Hires Zuckerberg Cheap Labor Aide – Breitbart “Alabama candidate for the U.S. Senate Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn University football coach, has hired the chief Republican aide for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s organization dedicated to lobbying Congress […]

  • Zuckerberg’s Group Lobbies Georgia GOP for More Low-Wage Labor – Breitbart

    Wage-fixing is a Federal crime. Why hasn’t Zuckerberg been arrested yet? A million US jobs a year lost to foreign workers, folks. No wonder Americans still can’t find jobs. […]

  • High-Skilled Immigrants Act Is a Sop to Big Tech

    Not just tech lobbies, but foreign lobbies such as Immigration Voice and too. Why do we even allow foreign lobbies to manipulate our gov’t? “In a rare moment […]