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  • Cognizant sued by US client over implementation issues

    Another fake Indian engineer proj fail. another US company suckered by the Indian mafia promises of cheap fast IT. More economic loss and disaster for the US. When will moron […]

  • 7 Dead In Mass Shooting At MillerCoors Milwaukee HQ

    These are not random events. You can just about bet this is related to MillerCoors laying off its American workforce and outsourcing to India Incs. In fact, MillerCoors sued failureshop […]

  • From IT services to software products

    Yeah, we’ve been hearing that for 20 years now. Ain’t going to happen. The entire Indian IT Services racket was a fraud from day 1. Not only can’t they provide […]

  • H-1B visa cap fills quickly — + tech talent looks elsewhere

    Oh yeah, real talented. Just like Accenture being sued for $32 million by Hertz for a failed website upgrade, or MillerCoors suing India Inc Failure Shop HCL for over $100 […]

  • Countersuit: HCL Claims MillerCoors Bullied Them

    When caught red-handed, most India Inc failureshops countersue in order to try to cover their tracks. Trust us, HCL was to blame. Just like they almost destroyed the Boeing 787 […]

  • Our gov’t is under Indian control

    This article just proves that the US gov’t is now under the control of India. Let in a few million “temporary guest” workers and they will take over your country. […]