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  • From IT services to software products

    Yeah, we’ve been hearing that for 20 years now. Ain’t going to happen. The entire Indian IT Services racket was a fraud from day 1. Not only can’t they provide […]

  • H-1B visa cap fills quickly — + tech talent looks elsewhere

    Oh yeah, real talented. Just like Accenture being sued for $32 million by Hertz for a failed website upgrade, or MillerCoors suing India Inc Failure Shop HCL for over $100 […]

  • Countersuit: HCL Claims MillerCoors Bullied Them

    When caught red-handed, most India Inc failureshops countersue in order to try to cover their tracks. Trust us, HCL was to blame. Just like they almost destroyed the Boeing 787 […]

  • Our gov’t is under Indian control

    This article just proves that the US gov’t is now under the control of India. Let in a few million “temporary guest” workers and they will take over your country. […]