Tag: Pratt + Whitney

  • Yet another Pratt engine goes bust on IndiGo A320 neo

    That’s because Pratt + Whitney outsourced to India Incs. Enjoy it, Airbus.

  • Airbus looks to double core digital job from new Bengaluru centre

    Whatever that Hinglish means. Looks like the airline industry just won’t learn its lesson. From Rolls Royce taking an epic $500 million loss from India Inc “engineering” fails, to Boeing […]

  • Airbus A320neo engines and the faults with them

    Both Rolls Royce + Pratt and Whitney outsourced their engine work to India. Now there are almost no reliable airliner engines left in existence.

  • IndiGo replaced one faulty PW engine per week in last 2.5 years

    Airliners are no longer reliable, thanks to crappy Indian engineering. Pratt + Whitney, the company which makes the engines, outsourced to India years ago. The once ultra-reliable engines are now […]