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  • The Hour of Lynching: vigilante violence against Muslims in India And against American software engineers in the US. Destroying the Intelligent Class – The H-1B Genocide Visa Hindtuva staffing agencies such as Wipro are operating all over the US now. […]

  • Racist defamer Wipro announces collaboration with dying Intel

    Racist Indian-only staffing company and its criminal defamer of US Tech Workers Azim Premji, right. Premji once remarked on national US TV: “America does not have the talent” – […]

  • Hedge Funds Are Abandoning Wipro

    Maybe you can go back to selling cooking oil. Well Mr. Premji – it would appear that it is India which doesn’t have the talent. Cut off their parasite work […]

  • Racist Wipro sued again over discrimination

    Yes that’s right – India Inc mafia RICO shop Wipro only hires Indians. It’s criminal defamer founder, Azim Premji went on US TV a few years ago and defamed American […]

  • Former Accenture executive Omar Abbosh in race to be Wipro Chairman

    When the highly skilled and talented Premji looters can’t keep their own racist company going, just bring in the big Accenture guns. Crap. We’ve been found out, says criminal […]

  • The great H-1B visa farce – The Hindu

    Indeed. The entire program is a sham. It needs to be shut down and ended now. “There is something profoundly strange about Nirupama Rao’s recent attempt to assert—as a […]

  • Wipro’s CEO Departs After Failing to Stanch Market Share Bleed

    No one will go near failureshop Wipro. Word has gotten out in the business community that these looters destroy everything they touch. Not to mention being racist. Racist Wipro, […]

  • Trump’s Immigration Rule Is Cruel and Racist – The New Yorker

    Well, what goes around comes around. New Yorker, we DARE you to do a story on the racist India Inc staffing companies and how they are targeting Americans for removal […]

  • Negative Media Coverage Likely to Affect Wipro

    Well you can only hype on PR for so long before people start noticing that everything you touch dies. Isn’t that right, Mr. Premji? “Ah, money”.

  • Immigration Hurts American Workers – POLITICO

    “For many Americans, the influx of immigrants hurts their prospects significantly”. Of course it does, but then again, that is what America-hating immigrants want – to hurt Americans and America. […]