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  • Global Wipro Expands in Plano with Innovation Lab, Aims to Hire Local High-Tech Workers

    Indian local high tech workers. Global organized crime syndicate Wipro, whose former chief Azim Premji once defamed US tech workers on MSNBC television is expanding like mad in the US […]

  • Wipro Opens New State-of-the-Art Looting Center in Minneapolis

    International organized crime family – the Premjis – Wipro founder Azim + his industrial thief son Rashid are at it again. Not happy with merely stealing data from World Bank […]

  • Azim Premji’s pay package rose 95 pc to USD 262,054 in FY’19

    Well yours would too if you were head of one of the biggest white collar organized crime on the planet which violates Title 8 of US law daily – and […]

  • Wipro manager detained for rape, abduction

    That’s right. India is a criminal nation, and white collar-crime India Inc Wipro is no exception. Far from the best + brightest, these criminals just can’t control themselves. Meanwhile deafamtory […]

  • Quest Diagnostics says nearly 12 million patients may have been affected by data breach

    Another US company and millions of US consumers looted by the criminal thief nation of India. Just like Equifax, Target, and the World Bank. In fact, years ago World Bank […]

  • NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum Premji Super Looters 2019

    India Incs have to be the #1 prize winner in marketing-speak-boasting-hype. “Digital revolution”, “business process outsourcing”, “digital transformation”, “value creation”, “industry 4.0”, hype-leverage-sector-business-engineering-grow-technology…….. Blah, blah, blah. Don’t worry, it’s coming […]

  • Why I ‘Dared’ To Take On Wipro “Wipro is particularly proud of its Nasscom ‘Corporate Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion 2016′ and its Ethisphere ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies‘ awards. I’m not clear what criteria […]

  • India Inc Failure Shop Wipro Sues Nebraska Over Failed Proj

    Criminal defamer Azim Premji‘s failure shop scam company Wipro just lost another customer – State of Nebraska. “LINCOLN, Neb. A company has sued Nebraska over the cancellation of a […]

  • Wipro/Premji looters ready to loot other industries as well

    Having illegally defamed American software engineers and gutted the industry, India’s premier conman prepares to move into other industries to loot. As Indian programmers in Silicon Valley say “Loot and […]

  • Arrest Rashid Premji Now

    The next time unregistered foreign agent Rashid Premji sets foot in America, he should be arrested. He’s an unregistered foreign agent of India and that’a a violation of FARA laws. […]