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  • No Senator Paul, it is you who are becoming richer

    How much $ are you taking from Mr. Paul to draft bills that benefit only India? You’re a bigger traitor than Mike Lee is. Making our enemies whose intent […]

  • FBI Scrutinizing Lawyers and Lobbyists

    Well FBI – you’d better start with foreign lobbyists such as, USIN-PAC, and While you’re at it, you better investgate corrupted congresspeople Mike Lee of UT, Zoe Lofgren […]

  • Steve Bannon becomes co-chair of Republican Hindu Coalition

    Now we know why Trump won’t do anything about H-1B or the Indian Mafia takeover of US jobs: because the entire US gov’t is now being remote-controlled by India, and […]

  • Modi agent Shblah Kumar’s political operative rabbit hole

    The connections between Republican Hindu Coalition founder Shalabh Kumar, Indian Prime Minister Narrenda Modi, and other politicial operatives trying to take over governments in the US gets deeper + deeper. […]

  • Open letter from a reader to Senator Chuck Grassley

    Indeed Americans are waking up to illegal unregistered foreign lobbying by Indian groups trying to take over the US such as Republican Hindu Coalition, NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, and Immigration Voice. Why […]

  • Former Obama White House Counsel Indicted for Lying About Foreign Lobbying Good. Now arrest Newt Gingrich + Rand Paul for illegal collusion with an unregistered foreign agent, Republican Hundu Coallition, and its founder, Shalabh Kumar.

  • Department Of Justice Sharpens Its Focus On Foreign Lobbying + Influence

    About time. They must mean like India’s NASSCOM,, and other unregistered foreign agents controlling our gov’t.–department-of-justice-sharpens?utm_source=Mondaq&utm_medium=syndication&utm_campaign=View-Original

  • Raising America’s Pay – An initiative of the Economic Policy Institute “Right now there is much debate over what to do about rising income inequality in America. These discussions too often miss that the key to shared prosperity is to […]

  • One of Mueller’s Lawyers Zeroes in on Foreign Lobbying

    “WASHINGTON — Eighty years ago, Congress became so alarmed by the rise of pro-Nazi propaganda in the United States that it passed the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), a law […]

  • DOJ appoints ex-Mueller prosecutor to run foreign influence unit “New Orleans (CNN) The Justice Department will boost its pursuit of foreign influence operations, in part by appointing a prosecutor who worked on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team to […]