Tag: Shortage Shouting

  • India trying to convince US that tapping into Indian talent is in mutual benefit: Jaishankar

    Sorry, but 20 years of the destruction of the US economy, countless companies such as Boeing, $22 trillion in debt, and tens of millions of destroyed American lives says otherwise. […]

  • Shortage shouting in Germany

    Everywhere there are productive white people, they are under attack by globalists and job-robber countries. Not racism. Fact. Merkel is a globalist communist.

  • Claims of a Labor Shortage Are Just Not True

    And they never were. It’s all globalist/cheap labor/Wall St/Chamber of Commerce propaganda designed to increase immigration which drives down wages. ALL of the parties above know that under Title 8 […]

  • No Labor Shortage: 11.5M Unemployed Americans Want Full-Time Jobs – Breitbart

    Of course there’s no shortage. It’s Wall St. + Chamber of Commerce propaganda because they both know it’s illegal under Title 8 to even admit foreign workers to the US […]

  • The Broken Talent Pipeline For Foreign-Born Scientists: Forbes

    More shortage shouting from the biz lobby to keep the cheap labor pipeline flowing. India Incs’ PR firms must be in total overdrive right now. There is a massive glut […]

  • Grassley, Ernst tell business leaders they support more employment visas, with caveat

    Grassley’s just another sellout. We knew he was from day one. He’s been yaking about reforming H-1B for 20 years but stabs American workers in the back. “Republican U.S. […]

  • More shortage shouting from Deloitte

    “Can’t find qualified workers”, the usual lies…. All designed to drive more mass immigration which drives wages down. Also note that US manufacturing is now a mere 12% of US […]

  • Digital Talent Shortage Driving Need For Offshore Talent – Forbes

    More false shortage-shouting lies. There is a surplus of talent in the US, as has been proven many times, by GAO, MIT, and other top sources. This is pure paid […]

  • More shortage shouting

    There is no skills gap. There are tens of millions of skilled American workers available for tech jobs. MIT, the #1 tech university on the planet even said so.

  • More boo-hoo shortage shouting

    No shortage of skilled US workers exists. All lies. Americans built Silicon Valley, long before any of these job robbers moved in. More lies to keep Americans out of the […]