Tag: Takeover

  • Indian Mafia teams up with CFR

    There’s nothing quite like placing your illegal unregistered foreign agents into your enemies’ countries, and then using them to manipulate them. DHS is nowhere to be found. Unregistered foreign agents […]

  • Indian-Americans testing political heft in Chicagoland municipal elections

    Indian-Americans? How’s that for racist + bigotted? Just take a look at that photo – 100% Indians, as usual. These people are Neo-Nazis here to take over our country and […]

  • ‘Give Bharat half a chance and it will take over the world’

    But we already knew conquest was their goal all along. These people are dangerous Nazis.

  • Indian origin Harvard doctor to become Novartis CEO

    As the Indian Mafia takeover and theft of western companies continues unabated, western gov’ts are asleep. Westerners build the great successful companies, the Indian Mafia waits and then takes them […]

  • Brown Book Project – Not Just Racist – Indian Nazi Takeover of Our Gov’t

    It’s amazing that something can even exist like this in America. With millions of non-American temporary guest workers screaming for green cards, an organization called Indian American Impact Project actually […]

  • South Asian Bar Association

    Talk about racist and bigotted. Foreign powers seeking to change our immigration laws. Why are such orgs even allowed to exist when they are created by temporary guest workers? This […]

  • Quote of the Day

    “No one gives it to you, you have to take it“. – Desi Immigration News They would know now wouldn’t they? Since H-1B, which is a NON-IMMIGRANT visa has become […]

  • Russian Collusion: It Was Hillary Clinton All Along

    Of course it was. The Clintons are communists and unregistered foreign agents working against the will of the American people. Never, ever forget that it was the Clintons who both […]

  • Former congressional candidate says H-1B visas are a scam + foreign manipulation of US

    Jeffrey Beeler recently ran for Congress, (Washington 1st District). A Washington article published the following comment from Jeffrey October 2018 ~ Beeler commented, “H-1B visas are just another way for foreign […]

  • H-1B Visas; How Hyderabadis & Indian IT firms fooled Americans

    Someone needs to start enforcing anti-wage fixing laws including enforcement on the US Chamber of Commerce, which engages in such illegal activities.Wage-fixing, that is, manipulation of wages in any form […]