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  • Tech Mahindra and MKI collaborate to develop solutions for Japanese market

    No, desperate Indian Mafia needs to find new sources of intellectual property + trade secrets to loot out, and after US, Japan is full of them. Joint ventures with Indian […]

  • From IT services to software products

    Yeah, we’ve been hearing that for 20 years now. Ain’t going to happen. The entire Indian IT Services racket was a fraud from day 1. Not only can’t they provide […]

  • Is India producing unemployable engineers?

    For years media has been reporting how bad Indian engineers are. Most of what you hear from Wipro + NASSCOM is pure marketing hype. Not highly skilled + talented. […]

  • India Inc. IT con scammed NV DMV out of $78 million

    This must be what Trump meant by “world’s smartest people” our “brilliant companies” can’t do without. Those brilliant people from the conman nation of India have just about destroyed the […]

  • Tech Mahindra’s Failed $75 Million DMV Contract Boondoggle

    Add this $75 million flush to the long list of India Inc conjob fails. Another India Inc scam artist conshop gets $75 million of US $, we get another massive […]

  • Senator Pairs Up with Indian Outsourcing Lobby for Trump’s SOTU

    The Indian Mafia continues to get to our electeds and influence/control and possibly bribe them into getting what the Indian Mafia wants – American jobs. “Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) […]