Governor Ned Lamont, Christine Smith, Trinity College, and InfoSys engage in visa fraud and possibly bribery in CT

And they are using $14 mil of CT taxpayer $ to do it. Including $2 mil of taxpayer $ to illegally train foreign workers.

We already know that InfoSys and other India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates are engaing in illegal and criminal behavior.

Infosys relies heavily on outsourced and visa labor.

InfoSys was fined $34 million by the US gov’t in the past for discriminating against Americans and engaging in visa fraud.

Now they’ve taken their brand of mafia operations to Hartford, CT – namely because that is where the nations’ major insurance industry is. Don’t be fooled by the suits and nice smiles – these people are organized crime gangsters who are violating our nation’s labor protection laws on a massive scale.

‘Targeted’ is the only word to desribe it. Where there are American industries and big business to be looted, India Incs will show up sooner or later. Silicon Valley, Detroit, Boeing, Wall St., Disney, and now, Hartford. Like a parasitic cancer, the India Inc outsourcing regime moves across the nation consuming everything in its path. Americans have to pay the price and clean up the mess.

India Inc global staffing companies are the reason Americans can’t find jobs. Worse, what they are doing is completely illegal.

Remember that in order for any foreign worker to legally enter the US on a skilled work visa that worker must already posses the skills claimed that cannot be found in the US workforce. If they enter the US for work and don’t have the skills claimed then they are comitting visa fraud.


InfoSys and other India Inc global staffing companies have been knowingly engaging in this kind of fraud and discriminating against American workers for decades. Millions of illegal, unskilled foreign workers, mostly from India and China have entered the US, and then been trained later.

This is patently illegal under US federal law. Especially in the case of H-1B visa holders.

Brining in non-skilled workers on skilled visas, and then training them is always visa fraud. Always. And fraud is always a criminal act.

H-1B visas can only be used 1) if the needed skills cannot be found in the US workforce, 2) the foreign worker already has the skills claimed, 3) bringing the foregin worker in will not harm an existing American worker. Title 8 of Federal law makes this very clear.

InfoSys and the other India Incs are engaging in this illegal behavior on a massive scale – bringing in millions of foreign workers, training them, and then moving tens of millions of US jobs back to India – all of it illegal, not to mention suicidal from the US’ standpoint.

Or the foreign workers get green cards and never leave the US – instead displacing American workers at US companies, which foreig workers now occupy.

Companies which Americans worked decades to build.

India is laughing at how “stupid Americans” allow themselves to be conned and looted. Snake charmer India has fooled the US. Big time.

Rather than bringing in skilled foreign workers who have skills Americans don’t have, India Incs. are bringing in millions of foreign workers without the skills claimed, training them, transferring the skills of existing Americans to them, then either employing them here, or moving those jobs offshore – the exact opposite of what is being claimed.

In short, we’re being looted by India Incs.

The India Incs don’t even try to hide it – they spell out their machinations in detail on their own websites.

And our gov’t continues to do nothing.

InfoSys’ own employees have sued the “tech giant” for human trafficking and labor racketeering, both of which are illegal under Federal law.

But now it gets even worse – now we have US politicians and officials colluding with the India Incs to bring in illegal foreign workers who do not have the skills claimed (they’re being trained).

“We would like to help you plant your next flag here in our state!”

Their next flag of conquest, invasion, and takeover.

Even the governor of CT and his Director of Economic development, Christine Smith are complicit. So is nearby Trinity College.

Infosys Landing in Connecticut Becomes Campaign Issue

“Infosys has become a centerpiece of attacks against Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont. He was instrumental in bringing the company to Hartford, capitalizing on a previous professional relationship he had forged with Infosys executives and selling them on Hartford.”

It turns out Lamont had a former professional relationship with InfoSys. One has to wonder if India Inc manipulators didn’t get him elected. The republican candidate for governor rightly said “This will put CT workers out of jobs”. InfoSys’ own PR website’s photos clearly show it hires mostly foreign tech workers.

Smells like another one of the infamous Indian bribes might have possibly taken place. We already know convicted India Inc staffing agency bribers with ties to other US politicians are now serving time for bribery. One has to wonder what exactly the extent is of this kind of government crime.

We need full gov’t, FBI, and DOJ investigations into the relationships between our elected officals and the India Inc Mafia.

A few more facts about Lamont worth noting:

  • His mother was Puerto Rican
  • His great grandfather was a banker – a director at JP Morgan
  • He is the great nephew of a former ACLU director
  • He’s a Yale MBA
  • He’s a former newpaper editor
  • He formerly worked in the cable TV industry
  • He was the chair of Lamont Digital Systems, a company he founded and later sold
  • One of his former journalist co-workers, Jane Mayer, is the great grand daughter of Lehman founder Emmanuel Lehman – another banking connection. She is also a Yale alumnus.
  • He is married to a venture capitalist, Ann Lamont of Oak Investment Partners

At any rate, training foreign visa holders is always a federal crime because it is fraud.

Our own nation’s prominent “leaders” are engaging in criminal activity that will target American workers for removal from the workforce. They are the ones brokering the deals to bring these foreign organized crime operations to our shores, and they are the ones approving the taxpayer funding of illegal visa worker training.

It happened in Silicon Valley in 2002 resulting in collapse, it happened on Wall St. in 2008, resulting in collapse, now it is about to happen in CT too.

No doubt the next big “crisis” will be a collapse in the US insurance industry which will have to be bailed out by the American taxpayers in order to save the big companies again after the Indian Mafia gets done ripping them apart. Once the InfoSys and other India Inc mafia illegal visa fraud foreign workers get inside all the US insurance companies, get trained, and know how to do the jobs, tens of thousands of insurance jobs will fly offshore and the local CT economy will collapse.

It’s just a matter of time.

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