Trump caves to the Indian Mafia

Well it looks like Trump will not keep his campaign promise of cleaning up the totally corrupt H-1B guest worker visa program.

No wall, no cleanup. Another big talker with zero action.

The American people have been swindled again.

If Trump does not clean up H-1B as promised, there’s no way he’s going to win 2020.

Trump made some comments about “skilled foreign workers” the other day which show his true colors: he’s just another open borders globalist.

Let’s get some truth:

“President Donald Trump said during a press conference Friday that his administration is looking into issues surrounding the employment of skilled foreign workers in industries like technology, The Wall Street Journal reported.”

Looking into? He said that right after he took office 2 years ago. Zip has been done.

“We have to let these great, brilliant companies have the smartest people in the world,” Trump said.

Really? Is that why we’re training them? The fact is most of the “brilliant companies” in America were built by Americans, not immigrants. Amercans build the companies, such as say, Apple, H-1B industrial spies and wealth redistributors walk in, take over, and kick Americans out, then the foreign looters scream “See! You need us!” No we don’t. That’s the real way things work. We don’t need these people, they need our jobs and our technology. Most of them are industrial spies for foreign powers. Trump’s economic advisor Kudlow even stated such. Americans are the smartest people in the world. That’s why all the companies came from here. If foreign workers were that smart they would have built their own Apple or Microsoft in their home countries by now. It’s all a great big swindle by foreign powers to keep their industrial spies flowing into our companies to steal everything.

Trump made similar comments a few days earlier, not knowing that he is being lied to by the big tech companies, many of which are now run by foreign CEOs themselves:

WASHINGTON—President Trump said Friday that he wants to find ways to allow companies to retain top foreign workers, as he made an argument for shifting toward a merit-based immigration system.

But no mention of protecting US workers from predatory racist and bigotted foreign powers.

What merit? Most of the big successful US tech companies were built by Americans. Merit such as industrial theft and moving US jobs to other countries? Not much merit in that for the US. DC and Trump are clueless on the Silicon Valley story and how it all came about. The lies that the US needs foreign workers is just foreign-controlled PR from the likes of NASSCOM, and the Communist Party of China. Most of the foreign tech workers and students come from India and China and they have a huge rampant cheating problem.

We definitely don’t need these people. They need what we have.

Wake up Mr. Trump. You are being lied to.

There is ample evidence that the mass importation of these workers is actually harming, not helping the US economy. For example 52% of Fortune 500 companies no longer exist. Half. Not exactly “contributing to the US economy” now are they?

We need Mr. Trump to honor his campaign promise of cleaning up the H-1B and other guest worker visa program messes, and ending the mass industrial theft of the US economy that they enable. All of his economic advisors know the score and have admitted it.

What happened to your campaign promises Mr. Trump? Are you listening Mr. Trump? If not, you’re going to be a one-term president.

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