Calsoft Labs Santa Clara is 100% Indian. Where is the EEOC?

That’s right. Like most India Inc Mafia-run companies, Calsoft Labs in Santa Clara, CA ONLY HIRES 100% INDIANS.

How’s that for ‘racist and bigotted’?

Not to mention illegal under at least 3 Federal laws:

EEOC laws.

Title 8, Section 1182, Inadmissible Aliens

The US Civil Rights Act which bars discrimination in employment based on national origin. But at CalSoft Labs in California, discrimination and racism is all they know.

Guess this is what Trump means when he said “Companies are coming in”.

They sure are – companies coming in, using our capital to open shop, only hiring foreign workers, then remitting all their paychecks back home. This capital drain is one of the biggest reasons our economy has problems. Instead of our capital paying American workers, which would be spent or saved here, it is sent right out of the country. The Federal Reserve has to print more $ to make up for the capital shortfall, which causes inflation, and Indian workers make out like bandits when the dollars are converted to rupees back home. Most of these India Inc “startups” disappear in 5 years and the US is out its capital.

Is the pattern clear enough yet? India is using our economy and capital as a wealth transferrence engine – back to India. They get rich off our capital, we get a gutted economy.

In reality this is just another remittance racket shop. Once they have drained our capital, they will be gone.

No wonder our economy has such trouble. The capital drag on our economy by Indian Mafia remittances is one of our biggest problems.

In China it is illegal to take currency out of the country.

Why hasn’t racist Federal violator Ramandeep Singh, CEO, been arrested yet? (If you can stand his typical Indian Mafia drone voice for more than 30 seconds, have at it).

He even admits foreign aliens are being trained by Calsoft, which is also illegal. Clearly Calsoft should be raided by ICE, DHS, and USCIS, not to mention FBI for what it is doing.

Foreign invaders move in, you get kicked out. Anyone who does not think the Indian Mafia is all about race is a fool.

We are in an economic race war with competitors right here on our own soil. And zero is being done about it.

This is why you can’t find jobs America.
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