Globalist Tom Friedman who told us 20 years ago that outsourcing would be good for us is at it again.

12 years ago in The World is Flat and 7 in The Lexus and The Olive Tree, economist Tom Friedman told us that globalization would be good for us. In reality is has been good for other nations.

Now, 12 years later like everyone else, he’s bashing Trump on CNN. Using Soviet-style tactics, Friedman claims that anyone who disagrees with globalization is ‘demented’.

The Soviets used tactics like this to lock dissidents up.

Oddly, Freidman even wrote another book which admited the US has fallen behind in the world economy and in innovation.

I thought globalization was supposed to keep the US competitive.

I thought armies of skilled foreign workers were good for the US and would keep the US economy going.

The exact opposite has happened – by inviting foreign competitors in on H-1B visas, training them, giving them our industrial secrets and know-how, the US has become far less competitive.

We are creating our own competition.

The truth is globalization is and always was international socialism and wealth redistribution on a global scale.

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