Trump sells out the Americans who elected him.

President Trump was elected in 2016 on a platform promising to 1) build a wall on the border with Mexico, and 2) end the abuse of H-1B as a source of cheap labor.

600,000 temporary guest workers who came in for Y2K and were supposed to go home in 2002 when it ended are now in a “green card backlog” (which doesn’t really exist – they were supposed to go home), and are screaming for green cards.

Of course, the so-called backlog exists for only one reason: the “temporary” workers who came in for Y2K but never left opened their own “global staffing companies“, which then also applied for millions more work visas and green cards as the invasion grew and self-replicated itself.

Even Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton admitted during the election that her husband’s own policies in the 1990s caused this mess:

“The many stories of people training their replacements from some foreign country are heartbreaking,” she told Vox. “I want to see companies have to do more to employ already qualified Americans.”

We know that is probably just pandering to voters, but it’s still an admission.

Now Trump has stabbed the American voters who put him in office in the back, not only by not reforming H-1B, but by actually promising all the H-1B Y2K visa overstayers a path to citizenship.

In 2001 the American people were promised these armies of invaders would only be temporary. Now they are about to all become permanent residents and never leave, sealing the fates of millions of American workers forever.

This is a betrayal of the American workers who elected him that even the communist Clintons and former President Obama dared not take.

This is an unreal turn of events. Either the Indian Mafia has some incredible dirt on Trump, or has death-threated him, or else he was a big business cheap labor collaborator from the very beginning.

India Inc manipulator and foreign lobbyist Shlabah Kumar of foreign lobby Republican Hindu Coalition was quick to chime in with his thanks:

At any rate Trump will never win re-election now. He’s out in 2020.

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