New Jersey Attorney General to Cops: Ignore ICE, Help Illegal Aliens Flee

The attorney general of New Jersey has made it official: The state will be a virtual sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Gurbir S. Grewal, shown, the state’s top law-enforcement officer and the son of Indian immigrants, published a directive last week, effective March 15, that forbids state and local police from helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Moreover, state and local authorities will not honor ICE detainers. That means localities can simply release illegal aliens back into the community.

Stories like these reveal what ‘people of color’ are actually doing in the US: promoting an anti-white takeover agenda. Here were have the AG of a US state defying Federal law.

The Indian Mafia strikes again – subverting our republic, and promoting a “people of color” agenda.

This story just further proves what these people are doing in our country – taking it over and promoting further illegal invasion and takeover.

It’s an agenda – and if you are a white American, you ain’t on it.

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