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January 1, 2019 Message (Indians don’t fit in America) || Kumar Exclusive

I’m American, not Indian, or Indian-American. I spent nearly a decade working in IT. After 4-5 years, I was the only non-Indian person on a few software projects in my US city. I went from loving Indian culture, reading books about Hinduism and learning to perform classical Indian music to fighting a sad feeling of aversion to having to work for people from India. I am not racist. I’m just being honest. I don’t hate Indians . I actually find Indian cultures fascinating. This tension is wholly due to my experience in IT. I worked for Indian tech departments that were less than friendly toward me and Indian tech companies that were breaking US labor laws.

For instance, I was told by an Indian boss I was expected to work many hours over an 8 hour day each week without billing for this time. (I was a consultant at this company). When I said I was not comfortable with doing that, he replied “this is what everyone here does.” This manager clearly saw nothing wrong with telling me outright he was expecting me to go along with him breaking the law. I have had people gossip about me to the entire office, claiming I don’t like Indian people for little or no reason — women literally creating drama out of nothing. For instance, I am (honestly) allergic to fragrances. When I asked politely if I could move my seat because my neighbor wore heavy fragrances, this group started gossip (This was something liken you hate Indian people and think they smell) In this department, every problem was avoided by misusing the accusation of being anti-Indian instead of dealing with interpersonal issues in a mature manner. Mature is not a word I can apply to this group of people.

I had bought a baby shower present for an Indian women I had been friendly with and she tossed it aside in irritation. People were just creating interpersonal problems on purpose. At another place, I was again the only non-Indian person on my “team.”. My boss had another Indian employee follow me every place I went. If I took a break in the afternoon, he was there spying on me. His employees eavesdropped on my private cell phone calls when I was at lunch or on a break. My manager had another Indian employee remain in the office to record the time I left every evening, as if I was cheating reporting my hours. None of his Indian employees were treated like this. I would sit at lunch and my colleagues would speak Telugu in my face, Men were flirtatious and overt in a manner they would have never been toward their Indian female colleagues. It was just really uncomfortable. I am LGBTQA and have always been very low key and private. My partner is in IT also. My partner was sexually harassed at a job where she worked in an IT department that was comprised of people from South India. Someone in IT circulated a sexually-harassing video of her around the company, some (not all) her Indian male colleagues were provocative and snide about it. More than one of them even hit on her — as if humiliating an American woman is a turn on. No one at this company (which was not all Indian people but where she worked on a largely Indian team) did anything to help her. Instead people made snide jokey comments to her face and gossiped about her. I am not blaming all Indian people. I am a mature person. I know that is wrong. But I am very frustrated at this point. I took Indian singing lessons. I own a lot of Indian music CDs from Indian musician friends. I have even thought of traveling to India (I would still like to). I have many Indian friends. But after working in IT I am very disappointed and frustrated. I would like to ask Indian people to try to put themselves in the shoes of someone who is not at all wealthy in America, who has health problems that are expensive, who is watching their salary decline because everyone is coming from another country and their own politicians do not bother enforcing labor laws. Americans can undeniably be racist, I am not denying that fact. But The US is not just a “melting pot.” It is a country — just like India, or any other country. It is a place where people are born, grow up, and try to live a decent life. People feel allegiance to America because this is their home. It is not a “grand experiment.” That is simply not realistic any more.