More propaganda from TechCrunch

They’ve been running these globalization stories for years. Including the ones about the foreign workers who took the mag’s founder Michael Arrington to the cleaners for $40 million then fled the country to Singapore to avoid prosecution.

But the magic foreign worker drumbeat continues. Even as the US sinks deeper and deeper into debt.

Let’s pick this article apart, shall we?

“I know that immigrants here add a lot of jobs and stimulate the local economy.”

US has lost 30 million+ jobs in 20 years as foreign workers steal American industry and move it back home. Foreign workers also remit billions earned in the US out of the country annually. Many foreign workers come to the US to “die for dollars’ and remit them home where dollars are worth a fortune.

Many of them come here on fake resumes.

“….what do the most successful Silicon Valley startups have in common? They’re also run by immigrants.”

Run by immigrants, not built by immigrants. Run as in – takeover.

Which companies would those be? Any sources or data other than Vivek Wadhwa’s infamous fake phone survey? Yes, half of silicon Valley’s workers are foreign but correlation does not equal causation. Where is the actual list of companies which proves they are started and made profitable by immigrants. There is also a lot of looting going on in Silicon Valley and US tech companies by foreign workers too.

“You can trace the immigrant entrepreneurial streak in Silicon Valley from the founders of Sun Microsystems and Google”

Hardly. Sun had 2 American founders, Scott McNealy, Bill Joy, and 2 foreign founders, Andy Bechtolstein, and Vinod Khosla. Sun was also destroyed by imported Indian and Chinese workers and had to be sold off to Oracle. Sun’s demise was one of the biggest failures in Silicon Valley which caused the 2002 economic collapse in the US. Foreign workers didn’t keep the company going as promised. Before 2001 and the Clinton guest worker visa increases, Silicon Valley was still mostly American workers. Sorry but foreign workers didn’t perform as promised. As for Google it only had one foreign founder, Sergei Brin and he moved to US before age 6 and grew up here. The other founder, Larry Page, is American. Next the writer will be telling the standard lie again that “Intel was founded by immigrants”.

“Immigrants not only built the first microchips in Silicon Valley……”

Whoa boy, that’s a good one. There were almost NO immigrants in Silicon Valley before 2001. If the author is referring to Intel, and its predecessor Fairchild Semiconductor, well those chips were designed and built by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, who were Intel’s 2 real founders. Americans – not immigrants. Yes, Andy Grove was an immigrant and was hired later to be Intel’s CEO. But that came much later. Fairchild, the chips, and Intel came long before immigrants. More TechCrunch lies.

Guess the author better go read: The Chip : How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution. Two Americans – NOT immigrants.

The fact is stories such as this TechCrunch one are not only false, they are paid for PR stories from foreign powers such as India’s NASSCOM. They have no basis in truth or reality. They are public relations needed by foreign powers and foreign workers who are here to steal our industries and technologies. Foreign powers have to keep the industrial espionage game rolling to stay in business.

More lies, as America goes into more and more decline as her own native workers are kept out of the workforce.

America was built by Americans.

The author also fails to mention that 52% of Fortune 500 Companies have been destroyed in the past 15 years. Including massive Wall St. ones which Indian outsourcers took over and destroyed.

The startup immigrant hype is just that: hype – International Socialism to use the US economy as a wealth redistribution mechanism for the failed countries of the world.

“While it might sound counterintuitive, immigrants create more jobs and make our economy stronger.”

No they don’t. The US has lost 30+ million jobs in 20 years and is now $22 trillion in debt. The US had a tax surplus in 1998. Zero unemployment, no problems. But not today. Immigrants simply have not performed as promised.

“This is a universal challenge in the tech industry. For the past 10 years, software engineers have been the No. 1 most difficult job to fill in the United States. Business owners are willing to pay 10-20 percent above the market rate for top talent and engineers. Yet, we’re still projected to have a shortage of two million engineering jobs in the U.S. by 2022. How can you lead the charge of innovation if you don’t have the talent to do it?”

America is swimming in unemployed tech talent that wants to work. The fact is failed immigrants need the jobs in the “brilliant companies” that were built by Americans. US has a mass labor surplus, not a shortage. Real engineering salaries have been falling for 20 years.

The simple fact is wannabe foreign workers are keeping Americans out of these jobs deliberately.

“What makes matters worse is that there are so few opportunities and types of visas for qualified immigrants.”

Oh really? The US hands out close to a million of these visas every year. Our universities are overwhelmed with student spies from China.

“This is limiting job growth, knowledge-sharing and technological breakthroughs in this country. And we risk losing top talent to other nations if we don’t loosen our restrictive visa laws.”

Apple had its developing autonomous car tech stolen by these “top talents”.

We’ve been importing a million of these geniuses for 20 years and have only lost 30 million+ jobs since then. Importing them is limiting job growth by keeping Americans who build all these brilliant companies out of the workforce. And we are training the imports. Not exactly brilliant. 20 years of imported workers have failed to keep the job growth going as promised. The fact is, foreign workers are taking existing jobs created by Americans, not creating new ones. Americans build the companies, foreign workers move in and take them over.

“Immigrants have made Silicon Valley the powerhouse that it is today.”

No they didn’t – Americans did. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel – all built by Americans, not immigrants.

Stop the lies and propaganda.

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