Indian Mafia targets Japan

As if destroying Silicon Valley in 2002 and Wall St in 2008 wasn’t enough, now Indian parasite InfoSys is targetting Japanese companies – namely Hitachi and Panasonic.

Ravi Kumar, the InfoSys lead who got CT’s Catherine Smith to sign outsourcing deals with CT taxpayer dollars has reared his ugly head again.

We can expect to see a major “crisis” in Japan soon with a “collapse” of its economy and the companies mentioned.

We all know what the real cause will be.

Because outsourcing to India Inc is a the kiss of death, as many US companies such as Sun Micro, Boeing, and England’s Rolls Royce found out, the Japanese are about to find out just how badly dealing with the Indian Mafia can ruin your economy.

As usual India Inc will siphon the economy out, and Japan will get nothing but proken products and destroyed companies.

Japan is the Indian Mafia’ next victim.

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