Ron Hira exposes H-1B cheap labor program

“The Atlantic Council just released my new report describing what’s wrong with the H-1B program and how to fix it. The H-1B program continues to be used for cheap indentured labor rather than the “best-and-brightest” because of obvious regulatory flaws that I describe. Congress and multiple Presidents promised to protect both US and H-1B workers but never delivered. The good news is that the program is fixable. Bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Grassley and Durbin would fix it but the legislation hasn’t gone anywhere twelve-plus years. In spite of President Trump’s bold vow to “end visa abuse” in his first 100 days in office, his administration has done very little. A substantive step would be the Labor Department raising the minimum wages paid to H-1B workers to ensure the program is used for the best-and-brightest rather than cheap labor“.

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