More shortage shouting from India Inc. looters

For 20 years the India Inc. mafia has been shouting about a lack of US workers, even though tens of millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed.

The country which can’t build enough toilets for its people is shouting that the country which invented IT doesn’t have enough IT workers, even though Americans built Silicon Valley and created all the major US IT companies and technologies.

Pure NASSCOM propaganda from India Inc.

We don’t need these people, they need our jobs.

There are MILLIONS of available American tech workers to fill these jobs.

Lies, lies, and more lies from India Inc. as usual.

Also note in the photo on the article’s page, it’s 100% Indian workers in this age of globalization and free movement of goods and people.

Unavailability of American tech workers forces Indian IT firms in US to hoard employees and subcontractors

“Availability of a limited number of technology workers in the United States is forcing Indian IT firms to hoard employees and subcontractors, according to a media report.

The Economic Times, citing the US Bureau of Labour Statistics’ data said that in September 2018 there was a massive gap in jobs and supply and only one out of four software jobs were being filled”.

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