India’s IT lobby and PR firm NASSCOM is still pumping the “US skills shortage” PR lies 20 years after they first hired US PR firm Hill & Knowlton in the US to pry open the US economy.

Of course all these “news” articles are lies and propaganda.

There is no skills shortage. Never was. Numerous studies including 3 GAO studies prove it.

Foreign nations who are here to steal our industries and invade and colonize us. Their goal is takeover, not to help us. Our politicians are either paid off by them or else dumb as rocks.

We need to outlaw all foreign lobbying and foreign use of US PR firms to pump these lies, because importing these industrial thieves is only hurting our economy by giving our industries away to other countries.

Foreign lobbying, foreign use of US PR are probably the biggest threats to the US today, other than the foreign H-1B industrial spies themsevles.