The smartest people in the world

We have to let these brilliant companies have the smartest people in the world.” – US President Donald Trump

Except for one little problem: they’re not the smartest people in the world. Americans are.

In fact we’re training them.

As this photo from inside the Federal Reserve Bank of NY shows, we’re training these so-called geniuses. Amercians are the smartest people in the world, not H-1B visa holders from India.

As the photo shows, Americans are training the new H-1B arrivals and that means visa fraud is going on. Legally H-1Bs are only for foreign workers who have special skills Americans do not have. Obviously since the American worker shown is training the foreign replacement, this is illegal. In fact it turns out the American worker shown had been in his job twenty-three years. People at jobs for twenty three years obviously have the skills or they would have been fired.

That’s right. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is engaging in criminal activity. Fraud.

But it should come as no surprise since former Fed head Alan Greenspan wants all American workers poor anyway.

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