The American Dream Has Become A Nightmare for Tech Workers and Their Families

The excellent US Techworkers website has a great article on what the H-1B industrial spy and takeover program is doing to US workers.

“After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and securing a job with a reputable Fortune 500company, Laura began a rewarding career as a business analyst with a world-renowned telecom giant.

When companies displace American workers with foreign replacements, they tell the laid-off worker they can apply for other jobs within the organization(s). But the lure of another job is just a way to get the laid-off worker out the door without causing a scene”.

We were both replaced by H-1B workers from India. My husband knew; there was a lot of software development that was offshored first.”

“We were scared. We had a big mortgage,” she said. “Unemployment was miniscule when compared with the six-digit salaries we made.”

Then comes the typical tale of how the racist Indian Mafia excludes Americans in the workplace in order to sabotage them:

“While working there, Laura learned Hindi in order to better communicate with her Indian co-workers. “They were constantly quizzing me and asking me questions. It bought me time and respect from coworkers, but not upper management. They would never admit to not knowing something….”

She said working there was ok at first, but then gradually, she was excluded from big decisions by her male, Indian co-workers. When she asked why, they might say, “Oh, you were already gone for the day,” with the negative implication she had left while they still were working. She said they would have sidebar conversations, excluding her, while they were supposed to work as a team”.

Welcome to the new America where the Indian Mafia controls everything and excludes everyone else.

“Eventually, Laura trained her Indian replacement, who worked for yet another contracting company.

“It’s terrible…I don’t understand how this could be happening in America,” Laura said”.

They fear smart Americans more than anything because smart Americans are a threat to their jobs and prestige.

And any H-1B who enters the US on a skilled worker visa who does not have the skills claimed has entered on a fraudulent visa and is an inadmissible alien according to US law.

This is happening all over America.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I think that a highly skilled, well-versed, well-educated American man and woman would be unable to find viable employment – within the IT sector – in their own country. Laura says she gets frustrated reading about H4 EAD , the visa for spouses of H-1B visa holders, women complaining about not being able to work and “living in Golden Cages.”

Ah ha. And now we see the real motivation behind India’s operations in the US: jealousy of the US standard of living that they are unable to produce on their own.

Highly skilled and talented indeed.

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