Trump Clueless on Legal Immigration, Indifferent to American Tech Workers’ Plight

“Nearly three years ago, back when President Trump was a candidate, voters were clear on his illegal immigration stance. Then-candidate Trump promised a “big beautiful” wall, a vow that helped him blow 17 other contenders out of the water. But among the cognoscenti, those knee-deep in immigration issues 24/7, serious doubt existed about candidate-Trump’s depth of legal immigration knowledge. Since only a tiny percentage of American voters clearly understand the complexity of federal immigration laws, no real reason existed to expect that business mogul Trump would be among them.

One of President Trump’s most recent tweets about the H-1B visa proves two things: one, that the skeptics are right. President Trump is badly under-informed about legal immigration. And two, assuming he’s serious about his often-made promised to clean up the temporary guest worker visa mess that been so harmful to and displaced so many American workers, he’s talking to the wrong people, most likely pro-H-1B visa special interest lobbyists and immigration lawyers. Absent from high level H-1B conversation are those most directly affected – U.S. tech workers“.

The must be stopped.

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