Is the ‘India Inc pattern’ strking again, this time at Apple?

Apple began filling up with highly skilled and talented H-1B workers from India shortly after Steve jobs’ death in 2011 as the graph below shows.

Apple signed a deal with Indian-run outsourcers Delloite a few years back to replace American workers with workers from India.

Just as with Microsoft not being able to ship 4 Windows 10 updates in a row that worked, Apple’s quality is suffering severe quality declines. This is probably the true reason for Apple’s first quarterly sales drop in 20 years.

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‘The pattern’ is striking again – this time at America’s best tech company.

Like Sun Micro, Silicon Valley in 2002, Lehman and the 2008 Wall St collapse, Microsoft, Rolls Royce, and now Apple, the pattern of ‘brilliant’ US companies filling up with the smartest people in the world subpar imported best and brightest Indian labor is now wreacking havoc on Apple.

Expect Apple and Silicon Valley to go into decline and disappear just as has happened many times in the past.

All of it due to India Inc incompetence. Great US companies built by Americans fill up with Indian workers, things very quickly go south. The pattern is undeniable. We are not importing the smartest people in the world. We are importing prestige-seeking parasites.

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