Foreign powers now manipulate our congress

Forget foreign lobbying.

Now they’re getting elected to our congress and introducing bills such as H.R. 6794: Immigration Innovation Act of 2018 which would both remove the “green card backlog”, as well as allow H-1Bs to change jobs – something entirely opposite of H-1B’s original intent – namely that H-1Bs can only enter the US for specific jobs, for a limited time.

If passed, HR 6794 would effectively turn the H-1B program into an open borders mass immigration program for Indiaremoving all US sovereignty and making the US the pawn of other nations who seek to conquer us.

H-1B is becoming a mass immigration and takeover program for foreign powers.

6794 would provide only weak protections to US workers – if enforced at all, which in the past has been proven to be a pipe dream for American workers.

There is no greencard backlog, never was. They are all Y2K visa overstayers who were supposed to go home in 2002 when Y2K ended.

Foreign takeover of the US continues………

Raja Krishnamoorthi’s bill gives H-1B visa workers job flexibility, reduce Green Card backlog

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