H-1B Visa Program Outsources Media Jobs Amid U.S. Job Losses

Neilsen Ratings in FL was invaded and taken over by the Indian Mafia years ago. As this photo shows, the office is almost 100% Indians now. Totally illegal.

The outsourcing of these “arts” jobs is just part of the broader economic trend to outsource high tech middle class jobs. In fact, many media companies have already replaced American technology experts in their back offices with many visa workers. The discarded American technology experts flood into other sectors, including the overcrowded and underpaid media sector.

This massive backroom outsourcing has largely been ignored by reporters and editors — even though the number of white-collar visa workers in the United States has exploded to at least 1.5 million“.

Foreign takeover of all aspects of the US economy continues with media companies now being taken over by the Indian Mafia outsourcing invaders.


This same thing happened years ago when Tata Consultancy Services of India invaded and took over Neilsen Ratings in FL in order to manipulate the ratings of Lou Dobbs’ show on CNN to get him off the air.

They also hire US PR companies to manipulate the American mind.

We need to stop the foreign use of US media and PR companies now. We are being manipulated.

TCS-Nielsen outsourcing deal in the eye of a storm


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