India Mafia organize to force access to H-1B program

Cheap labor foreign tech staffing groups such as SMEC, an all-Indian racist organization and others are suing the Federal gov’t to force access to the cheap labor wage-fixing H-1B program.

Lobbying once again proves itself to be the real problem.

“A coalition of information technology staffing companies that rely on H-1B visas is moving forward with a lawsuit over an agency policy it says effectively bars them from the program.

A federal judge in New Jersey refused to throw out the case, a move that the Small and Medium Enterprise Consortium’s attorney is calling a win that could lead to the policy’s demise”.

Too bad SMEC is really just an Indian Mafia front group. More foreign lobbying trying to influnce US gov’t policy. Whenever you hear the words “global entrepreneuship” you can rest assure all it really means is shoving more remittance hungry foreign workers from India into US jobs so they can loot and remit all the cash out and send it home.

They sure are building some nice buildings over there in India with all the “die for dollars” remittances they are sucking out of the US economy.

Maybe they were barred from the program because they only hire 100% Indians and target other Americans for removal from the workforce. They are all doing it which is why there is such an unemployment problem in the US.

These kinds of racist India-only “global entrepreneuship” orgs are just massive looting schemes.

100% Indians all the way. Beyond racist and bigotted.

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