Indra Nooyi helped with the InfoSys CT deal

From CT Techworker Coalition:

“It looks like the plot thickens… One of the people who helped arrange the $14M Hartford-Infosys deal – Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi – will be stepping down from the global firm very soon and going to work for Gov. Lamont as an Economic Development cheerleader. (Apparently, they went to Yale together.)

I was at a hearing in Greenwich, CT, last night that was hosted by Alex Bergstein, a newly elected state senator, where they discussed ideas to grow the economy.

Ms. Nooyi bragged about how successful the Infosys deal is and talked about the need to immediately bring in talent for companies – even if the workers aren’t from here.

What she’s saying here is the same old lie- there’s a skills shortage and we have to do whatever we can to fix that.

This means that we could be seeing more deals with India-based IT outsourcing firms now. Does anyone have any stories about how Pepsi has outsourced jobs? It would be great if we could stop this lady before she even starts”.

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