Infosys’ Verizon contract nearly $1 bil

As the Indian Mafia continues to tear through US companies, stealing jobs, moving them offshore and transferring our corporate power to our enemies, American workers continue to feel the brunt.

Verizon, the next company on the American tech worker boycott list laid off 44,000 US workers a few months ago and outsourced many of them to India Inc.

Now the extent of Verizon’s treason has come to light – a contract with Indian Mafia looter shop InfoSys, which was fined $34 million by the Feds for discriminating against US workers and engaging in illegal human trafficking.

Question is: why aren’t Verizon’s executives arrested for breaking Federal human traficking laws? InfoSys continues to get away with job robbery, Federal violations and other crimes, but no one including the Feds are about to stop them.

Expect to see Verizon disppear and go out of business once it is siphoned dry by the India Inc remittance machine. No wonder Americans have trouble finding jobs. The Indian Mafia is out of control in corporate America. India gets billions of our $, we get destroyed companies.

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