Oracle caught hiring mostly Indians, Feds say

After 20 years of totally illegal, if not criminal behavior by US tech giants, American tech workers may finally be getting a little justice.

The Dept. of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has found that the leading database company, Oracle, of Redwood Shores, CA hires 90% Indians.

Norm Matloff, PhD. at UC Davis has a great post about it over on his site.

Not only has Oracle been racially favoring workers from S. Asia, but has been favoring Asians in general to the detriment of US workers.

Indeed Quartz India reported this in 2017.

And several other links:

US Has Sued Oracle For Hiring Too Many Indians

Not only is this illegal under the US Civil Rights Act, EEOC laws, and Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, it’s borderline criminal because it means Oracle’s founder and CTO, Larry Ellison has been knowing engaging in criminal wage-fixing for decades which is a felony under Federal law. It also means both of Oracle’s CEOs Mark Hurd and Saafra Catz must have known illegal wage fixing is occuring. Catz admitted such in India a while back:

75% of management is from India: Oracle CEO

Not only do tech companies wield too much power but many of their CEOs are engaging in criminal behavior. Execs such as Ellison should be arrested and jailed for what they have been getting away with. That is unlikely to ever happen however due to the economic damage that might ensue if any of the major tech players fail due to loss of their founders or execs.

As has been suspected for years, Dr. Matloff also confirmed that the EEOC is heavily biased which explains why it has done nothing to enforce US EEOC law.

Hopefully this action on the part of the Feds signals a sea change in tech hiring enforcement and the end of the India Inc Mafia’s near monopoly-rule over tech jobs in the US.

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