Oracle hired more Indians than any other race but paid them 25% less than whites

As we have known all along H-1B is all about cheap labor illegal wage-fixing by tech giants and their executives. Nothing to do with skills or talent.

  • US-based Oracle recruited more Indians but paid them less than whites
  • Asian Indians made up for 45% of the total hires in Oracle between January 2013 and June 2014
  • However, the company preferred to pay its white employees up to 25% more than other race.

US Department of Labor found technology giant Oracle guilty of underpaying some of its employees. Those affected include Americans including women and people of African American and Hispanic origin. Indians were among those who were in part beneficiaries of the discrimination.

Oracle Case Highlights Double Whammy Facing Tech Contractors

“Federal contractors that employ large numbers of foreign workers might be opening themselves up to a double whammy of Labor Department discrimination claims”.

No kidding.

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