AOC channels communist wage-leveler Alan Greenspan

These crazy commies just don’t quit.

Just when we get free of the disaster communust Clinton globalization sellouts caused, the communist forces pack our congress with insane producer-punishing crazed communist high-school girls.

The term “Concentrated Wealth” is a communist term.

It’s a term used by jealous losers who want what others have worked to earn. As with all communists, AOC wants to punish those who worked and produced more than others.

Communist former Federal Reserve head Alan Greenspan said the same thing almost 20 years ago – that skilled American workers were paid too much and needed “wage-levelling” in order to “end the concentration of income”.

This insane communism that is killing America never ends. The future is bleak if our future leaders are people like AOC and her communist ilk.

Prepare to eat cats for dinner.

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