Foreign temporary guest worker H-1B mafia sues the US to force access

Nothing quite like other nations dictating your immigration policy for you.

“Technology firms struggling with the Donald Trump administration’s clampdown on the H-1B visa programme have scored a small win.

On Jan. 18, a US court agreed to hear a case challenging a February policy memo by the Trump administration, which made it mandatory for employers seeking H-1B visas to give a worker’s complete schedule for the entirety of their working period. This disrupts businesses by making it difficult to recruit new talent for longer periods of time and also disallowing current employees from traveling to client sites freely.”

No it doesn’t – it makes sure we can track the looters so they don’t disappear into the US and open new global staffing companies, cry they can’t find American workers, then themselves file for more invasion H-1B visas to overrun and remove Americans from the workforce. Any common sense nation would do the same.

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