India IT Feeling U.S. H-1B Immigration Angst

“We’re training them.” – Ron Hira

Odd: H-1B’s are supposed to be non-immigrant visas.

Yet India treats H-1B as its own private mass immigration program.

Foreign powers now control our gov’t via lobbying.

India’s information technology lobbyists are wrapping up a week in the halls of Congress as India’s Y2K visa overstayers sizable U.S. tech community worries about losing out in the Washington, D.C. immigration maelstrom.

H-1B visa, which grants extended permission for U.S. work for highly skilled workers, has been a boon for India and its émigrés. Many are working in the U.S. on IT consulting contracts, and the allegation is that many are underpaid by U.S. standards.”


We thought they were temporary guest workers. At least that’s what H-1B was supposed to be about. Not so temporary after all. More like complete takeover.

Just whose gov’t is this? America’s or India’s?

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